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World Bank Enables Private Capture of Profits, Public Resources

Rich Nations, IMF Deepen World Stagnation

Big Cons: How Consultancy Firms Undermine Governments

Rich Distort Climate Problems, Offer Self-Serving Solutions

Middle-Income Country Trap?

IPEF: New Cold War Weapon Backfires

PPPs Fiscal Hoax Is a Blank Financial Silver Bullet

SE and East Asian miracles and debacles + other video recordings

Action Delayed, Justice Denied by Voluntary ESG Approach

Beware Climate Finance Charade

Debt-Pushing as Financial Inclusion

Chronicles of Debt Crises Foretold

Dangerous Scramble for Renewable Energy Resources

Enhancing Mining Revenue

Finally, a Real Chance for International Tax Cooperation

Chronicles of Debt Crises Foretold

Video recording links; Inflation in Review of Keynesian Economics

UN Financing Appeal Last Hope for SDGs and Climate?

Developing Countries Need Monetary Financing

War, economic stagnation, food insecurity, etc.

UN Must Reclaim Multilateral Governance from Pretenders

Jomo: NAM 2.0+G77 vs G7+NATO+OECD+WEF

World Bank Climate Finance Plan Little Help, Unfair

Mining Revenues Undermined

Government Health Financing for All, Not Insurance

Exchange Rate Movements Due to Interest Rates, Speculation, Not Fundamentals

Improving Healthcare for All

‘Weak ringgit due to speculation’

Can Carbon Trading Stop Global Heating?

War, economic stagnation, food insecurity, etc.

'Inflation phobia, myths and dogma exacerbate policy responses' by Anis Chowdhury and Jomo Kwame Sundaram

Jomo selected February 2023 talk recordings

Rising U.S. Interest Rates Push Countries in Global South Toward Economic Collapse+

US Policies Slowing World Economy

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