Sitemap - 2022 - Challenging Development

Needed Global Financial Reforms Foregone Yet Again

Rich Nations Doubly Responsible for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

AGRA Gets Make-Up, Not Make-Over

Open Veins of Africa Bleeding Heavily

COP27 Fiddling as World Warms

Limits to Growth: Inconvenient Truth of Our Times

Could the Ukraine conflict be an opportunity for the global south?

Stop Worshiping Central Banks

Macroeconomic Policy Coordination More One-Sided, Ineffective

Developing Countries Need Monetary Financing

Central Bank Myths Drag Down World Economy

Ideology and Dogma Ensure Policy Disaster

Inflation Phobia Hastens Recessions, Debt Crises

Inflation Targeting Farce: High Costs, Moot Benefits

Africa Struggles with Neo-Colonialism

1980s’ Redux? New Context, Old Threats

How France Underdevelops Africa

How NOT to Win Friends and Influence People

Stagflation: From Tragedy to Farce

April Fool’s Inflation Medicine Threatens Progress

Neo-Colonial Currency Enables French Exploitation

Africa Taken for ‘Neo-Colonial’ Ride

Africa Taken for ‘Neo-Colonial’ Ride

Reject CPTPP, Stay out of New Cold War

Aid for Power in New Cold War

Weaponizing Free Trade Agreements

Climate Hypocrisy Ensures Global Warming

OECD’s Regressive World Corporate Income Tax Reform

SWIFT Dollar Decline

US Leads Sanctions Killing Millions to No End

Sanctions Now Weapons of Mass Starvation

Fighting Inflation Excuse for Class Warfare

When Saviours Are the Problem

Finance Drives World to Stagflation

Out of Africa: Rich Continent, Poor People

The World Can Stop Capital Flight Now

Sri Lankan Economic Crisis Inflicted by Self-Serving Elite

Deepening Stagflation: Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire

War or Peace, Barbarism or Hope: War threatens world with stagflation

Webinar: 'Economic Policies for the Post-Pandemic Recovery', March 26, 2022

Stagflation Threat: Be Pragmatic, Not Dogmatic

Ukraine Incursion, World Stagflation

Inflation Targeting Constrains Development

Inflation Targeting Voodoo

Financialization at Heart of Economic Malaise

The Climate Finance Conundrum

Peasants Marginalized by Big Farmers

Resist Inflation Phobia Coup

Inflation Paranoia Threatens Recovery

Climate Inaction, Injustice Worsened by Finance Fiasco

More Progressive Taxation Needed for Social Progress